Restorative Sunday


What a beautiful indoor pond!  Teance is a cool tea shop at the Berkeley Fourth Street Shopping area.  It even had a rain shower over the pond that made such soothing sounds of rain. (Something we surely need here in the Bay Area).  Can you see the cute orange koi swimming around the pond? They serve delicious cups of tea at their tea bar.

We walked and perused the cute boutiques on the Fourth Street.  Cute cats & kittens from the rescue were trying to find new families. My birthday dinner at Iyasare was delicious!  Iyasare is a relatively new Japanese restaurant located at the old Ochame restaurant site.  The interiors are modern and the variety of seafood is fresh and wonderful!  I would say it is “modern” Japanese food.  We especially loved the hirame carpaccio, grilled squid, and pork belly with manila clams.

Relax, contemplate, and restore your energy for the upcoming week!

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