Throw Back Thursday – The Little Duckling


In June, I went for my usual walk around the Lake.  I noticed something very tiny moving lightning bolt fast in a small stream beside the lake.  All of a sudden, a small yellow and brown duckling came hauling ass across the walkway in front of me.  She was on a mission.  Scurrying across a patch of green grass, she plopped  into the lake.  She began to swim frantically around the lake.  I became very concerned about the future of this baby duck. What was she doing and where was she going?  Where was her family?  Recently,  I had seen so many duck families start out with a dozen cute yellow fuzzy ducklings only to find a few weeks later only a couple of ducklings left.  The Circle of Life. (Lion King song plays…)…anyway back to my story.  Our little duckling looked so forlorn and was getting extremely exhausted from all her frantic swimming when all of a sudden her papa, mama and siblings appeared out of nowhere.  Happy ending(duck family reunited)!  Moral of the story: Never give up hope:)


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